Digital Champ takes place in 20XX, where you play as a boxer who must compete against a series of cyborgs modeled after the world's best pugilists. While this sounds like an interesting premise, ultimately Digital Champ is a very blase game.

This long-forgotten early PC Engine entry is really only notable for being one of the first console boxing games to employ a first-person view. But like Silent Debuggers also showed, the Turbo wasn't really up to the task of handling pseudo-3D games.

The control is a bit sluggish and button-mashy. It's fun for a small burst, but doesn't really lend itself to any sort of long-term play, especially when you factor in that there isn't all that much difference between your opponents and there's no sort of two-player mode.

Why Hudson decided to release this as an import on the VC is a head-scratcher. If you're looking for a good boxing game on the VC, pick up Punch-Out instead. While it's nothing even close to a "true" simulation of boxing, the gameplay is actually fun. Plus, it'll set you back 200 points less than this clunker, which should stay in the realm of obscurity from whence it came.

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