During the 16-bit era, beat-em-up's were kings of the arcades, and so it was a major coup for Nintendo to get the exclusive rights to Capcom's smash hit Final Fight. It was a huge seller, despite having a lot lost in the translation to home screens.

The SNES version is missing one of the playable characters and an entire level. There is also some pretty strong censorship, most notably the changing of all the female characters into men. Probably the biggest blow to this version was the loss of the arcade's two-player mode.

Difficulty-wise, it's about the same as the arcade, at least until you continue. You get sent all the way to the beginning of the level. This was a sort of necessary evil back in the day to give longevity into arcade translations, but it just seems cheap now.

But still, the core gameplay does come through, and Final Fight remains one of the best beat-em-ups on the VC. Even though you have a fairly limited moveset, the game flows well enough that you never really get bored. This can be a fairly tough game at times, especially with the bosses, but it never feels overwhelming.

If you have a PS2, I recommend getting Capcom Classics Collection, which has the arcade version. Otherwise, if you're a solitary beat-em-up player looking for something new, this will do just fine.

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