Taking the guise of a "nameless one" you (and a buddy, if you so wish) must travel across seven worlds to try and defeat the cruel War Tyrant. Your journey will take you across everything from burned-out cities to anicient Egyptian ruins, and along the way you'll face some very tough bosses, most notably the screen-filling God of War.

Forgotten Worlds plays a bit differently than most other shooters. You are free to move anywhere and rotate in any direction to aim your fire. Also, you're equipped with a satellite that can both add to your firepower as well as providing a shield.

The arcade version accompished this control scheme with a unique rotating fire button. The Genesis version's solution to have seperate left and right rotation buttons isn't perfect, but once you get a hang of things, Forgotten Worlds offers up some great shooting action.

Though it did take a step down from the arcade version in the graphics and sound department, as well as losing a couple of shorter levels, the Genesis version of Forgotten Worlds is one of the better shooters on the VC and well worth a download if you're a fan of the genre.

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