This is kind of one of those "no brainer" reviews. Either you like the Mega Man games or you don't -- it's one of those series where the core gameplay really hasn't changed all that much through the years.

For Mega Man, that gameplay revolves going to different levels (six in this case), defeating the boss, and then using its' weapon to help take of the tougher baddies. Once the hench-robots have been beaten, it's off to take care of the evil Dr. Wily.

The Mega Man games have long been known for being some of the toughest in gaming, and the first entry is no exception. Those used to unlimited lives and forgiving checkpoints may be in for a rude awakening here.

But once you get a hang of things, you'll see why so many hold Mega Man high in regard -- it's one of the best platforming series ever, and still stands the test of time.

Unless you still have the original cart lying about, this is definitely the best way to play the game, since the emulated version on Mega Man Anniversary Collection is, by all accounts, a very sloppy conversion.

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