Out of all the companies trying to ride the retro-revival wave, Capcom seems to be one of the few that is truly getting things right, and Mega Man 9 is no exception.

Fully embracing the style and gameplay of the series' 8-bit glory days, Mega Man 9 once again pits the "blue bomber" against the evil Dr. Wily and a collection of eight robot bosses, each with their own unique stages. Similar to the other games, after you defeat a boss, you can then use their weapon to take on the remaining stages.

This is classic Mega Man action all the way, right down to the tough difficulty -- definitely not a game for the weak at heart. And if you really consider yourself hardcore, there's a series of "challenges" (similar to "achievements" on Xbox 360 games) that'll truly test your skills in order to complete them.

Mega Man 9 also offers up online rankings, various gameplay modes, and the possibility of downloadable content down the road. This is a great example of what WiiWare releases should be, rather than the glorifed tech demos or upscaled flash games that far too many of the initial offerings have been.

If you consider yourself a true old-school gamer, then Mega Man 9 needs to be downloaded onto your Wii with a quickness.

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