In an environment cluttered with beat-em-ups, the original arcade version of Renegade set itself apart from the pack with its' sharp graphics and inventive gameplay. Unfortunately, the NES translation retains very little from its' big brother.

Renegade, unlike many other beat-em-ups, did not have the player scrolling from left to right, but rather in contained, arena-like stages. This gave it a fast and frentic aspect, which was pulled forth by the smooth controls.

Featuring a unique system that based the attacks your character threw on the direction he was facing, Renegade managed to have a high amount of difficulty without overwhelming the player.

But in the transition to the home, the controls took a severe hit. Your character feels very sluggish, and you'll often find yourself overwhelmed and having to resort to spamming the same move over and over again just to survive. When you also factor in some very blase graphics and sound, Renegade ends up being an entry for only the most masochistic beat-em-up fans who have already played the better brawlers on the VC.

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