As part of the 30th anniversary celebration of Space Invaders, Taito has released Space Invaders Get Even, a new WiiWare release where (as you might have guessed) the player takes the part of the alien invaders.

Each level will have you commanding a group of invaders and attempting to destroy cities and military bases. Instead of ray-guns, you'll be commanding your drones to level buildings with unique attacks. On the surface, it's a simple mechanic, but it quickly becomes addictive, especially when combined with colorful graphics and sound bites that are more than a bit reminiscent of the cult hit Destroy All Humans.

If there is fault to be found with the game, it is with its' distribution. Originally slated as a retail release, Taito switched this to a WiiWare title. The initial 500 points only gets you a couple of levels and a boss battle. The rest of the content is availble via three download packs, which will run you an additional 1500 points.

While $20 isn't too bad of a price for the full game, the fact that'll take up over 700 blocks on your Wii's puny internal memory might give you cause to think twice before downloading Space Invaders Get Even, which is a shame really, because this is actually one of the better WiiWare releases.

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