Paying 800 points for a game that can last at the longest five minutes might seem like a dicey proposition, but Hudson's new WiiWare release Star Soldier R proves that good things can indeed come in small packages.

There is a sembelance of a plot here, but really the goal of Star Soldier R is trying to achieve a high score via the game's two main modes, which are one or two levels lasting two or five minutes. Your scores can then be uploaded to worldwide online rankings, which adds a surprising amount of replay value to the game.

The basic gameplay is pretty simple, and with unlimited lives, it'll be easy enough to clear the stages. But where Star Soldier R really shines is hooking in the player with trying to find a way to clear the level with the biggest combo possible. Even at only five minutes of total play time, the levels still have a lot of variety and hidden targets which encourage repeated plays.

Combined with smooth gameplay, solid graphics, and a rocking soundtrack, Star Soldier R turns out to not just be the throwaway release many thought this might be, but one of the more solid games in the early WiiWare lineup. Though it does feel like there should be a bit more to it -- like at least one more level or some sort of multi-player -- if you're a fan of die-hard old-school shooters, this is 800 points well-spent.

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