If you're one of the few people that never played dodge ball in school, the rules are simple. Try to throw a ball at an opposing team member hard enough to knock them out, and when all of the members of one team are eliminated, the game is over.

Super Dodge Ball does jazz things up a bit with different characters you can use depending on which team you're facing, and various "super throws" that'll improve the velocity of your strikes. But, overall, there's not too much in the way of strategy in this game. It's all about how fast your fingers are.

And that sort of thing is perfectly fine in an old-school sports game like this. In fact, it gives the game a truly addictive quality, which is magnified if you play against someone else. Super Dodge Ball is custom-built for those nights when you want to sit down with your buddies on the couch, quaff a case of beer, and do a whole lot of trash talking.

Even though (like many NES games of the time) Super Dodge Ball suffers from a lot of flicker and slowdown, it's one of those rare games that is easy to pick up, but hard to put down, and makes it a worthy download for almost any gamer.

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