With the multitude of versions of Street Fighter II out there (this one being the third on the VC alone), the question around The New Challengers becomes not about the game itself, but its' worthiness of your Wii points.

Well, if a Wii is your only console and you don't already have a version of SF2, then this is a mandatory download. Even if you've already gotten a SF2 game, The New Challengers offers up enough new additions (most notably, of course, the four fighters added to the lineup) it's still worth checking out if you're a fighting game fan.

Though they come close, this version's graphics and sound aren't up to the level of the arcade, and the game runs a tad slower than the ports found on compilation discs like Street Fighter Anniversary Collection.

But the Classic Controller makes for a great way to play the game; it's much more comfortable than the PS or Xbox controllers. And it is nice not having any sort of loading in the game, such as with the Capcom Classics Collection emulations, which does so far as to have loading between matches.

So there is not really one "ultimate" version of the game currently available. In the end, it becomes a matter of preference. If you want a version of SF2 you can just jump right into and play like you did back in the day, then this is a solid download choice.

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