Since the days of Breakout, the art of hitting a pixellated ball back at colored blocks has been a mainstay of gaming. The latest entry into the "block busting" genre, Arkanoid Plus!, probably doesn't deserve the exclamation point in the title -- but it's still a fun game that's well worth 600 Wii points.

The basic setup of Arkanoid Plus! has you taking a ship through 31 levels of curiously obvious space blocks until you face the bad-ass last boss, Doh. Yes, that's right, the boss is named after Homer Simpson's favorite exclamation lamentation.

Anyway, there are 62 levels to go through, since you can pick your path after each completed board. And with yet another 62 stages available via download for only 200 points, Arkanoid Plus! packs in a lot of gameplay if you're a lone gunner.

But, sadly, the multiplayer aspect -- like many WiiWare games -- is lacking here. Sure, there's a rudimentary offline multiplayer mode, but there's no online connectivity on the plate with this release. Forget about matches with people from across the world -- you're not even getting a scoreboard.

Overall, though, if you're a fan of Arkanoid, you can't go wrong with Plus. In the realm of the increasingly more crowded arena of classic game reboots, it does its' job just fine.

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