This week brings the Commodore 64 to the Virtual Console, and with it, one of its' best games, The Last Ninja. Younger and more jaded gamers might immediately dismiss this as garbage, but the more seasoned vets out there willing to invest a little time will find some solid black-suited antics here.

Taking place over six levels, The Last Ninja arms you with a variety of weapons for your survival, but you won't just be using your fists of fury. The ol' brain noodle will have to come into play as you have to figure out some tricky puzzles and the maze-like layout of the levels. This sort of thing was pretty much unheard of in an action game at the time, and it still lends some weight to the gameplay.

Unfortunately, even though The Last Ninja's graphics still look nice and it has an outstanding soundtrack, the controls haven't aged too well. They're pretty clunky at first, especially if you don't have a Classic or GameCube controller. Jumping in particular is a bit tricky, and will lead to many near controller-flinging deaths early on, since you seem to play as the only ninja ever that dies from dipping his toe in water. But if you stick with it, you'll be treated to one of the better action games of the time.

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