Ranked at number 2 on hkfilm.net's top 100 games of all time list, The Revenge of Shinobi remains one of the best platforming games ever created, even with this version giving the Spider-Man boss a questionable makeover featuring a pink suit.

Spider-Man? Yes, Spider-Man. The Revenge of Shinobi features one of the best collection of villains ever assembled outside of a Wong Jing movie. Unfortunately, through the years, copyright conflicts have caused the game to be tweaked, but there are still some glorious examples of infringement, including a boss that more than a bit resembles the Terminator, and a title screen digitzed from the Sonny Chiba TV series Shadow Warriors.

Sure, the gameplay can be old-school hard as nails at points. But if you're having a tough hop, you can always change the difficulty to easy. This will start you out with ten lives, and allows most anyone to get into the game. Combined with graphics which still hold up, along with one of the best soundtracks ever put on a game, The Revenge of Shinobi is a near-mandatory download for anyone that's into ninjas and/or the Virtual Console.

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