There's an old saying that you get what you pay for, and this is proven with Silver Star Chess. The game is a cheap 500 point download, but it's low-budget and offers no frills whatsoever. But if you're looking for a decent chess game that you can quickly get into, it should fit the bill.

After tweaking a few options, the next move is to pick one of five opponents. There is actually a pretty decent difference in their difficulty, but unfortunately, the only thing the characters do in-game is present a static avatar image in the upper left corner. The opponents don't offer any sort of personality via voice or animation that designates one from another.

Along with the fairly bland graphics and soundtrack, this ends up giving Silver Star Chess a generic feel. Combined with the lack of online play or even scoreboards, Silver Star Chess comes off a bit like a glorified flash game.

Even so, the core gameplay is good, and the price is cheap enough, so Silver Star Chess doesn't come across as a total waste of your points. If you're able to set your expectations a bit lower and not expect something on the level of the Chessmaster series, Silver Star Chess provides a solid, if totally unspectacular, addition to the WiiWare lineup.

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