In the days of 1980's computer gaming, Epyx was one of the top companies, with their "Games" series being some of the most popular entries of the time. Even though Summer Games II has lost some of the sheen old-school gamers have kept locked up in their memory banks, it's still an entertaining enough VC release to warrant your 500 Wii points.

As you might expect, Summer Games II is a collection of mini-games based around Olympic events. What you might not expect is how seemingly random some of the eight included events are. Triple jump and javelin throw? Sure. Fencing and cycling? Okay, whatever. Equestrian? What the hell?

But as odd as some of the sporting choices are, the off the wall nature of some of the events is what sets Summer Games II apart from similar games of the type. Players will have to, of course, enable their fingers of fury, but also use a bit of their brain matter to get the timing for each event down.

The graphics and gameplay on Summer Games II are solid enough, and trying to top your buddy's score is always a good ticket to fun. If you're looking for a good cheap way to have a eight-player party game on your Wii, this will fit the bill.

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