You kids out there are spoiled nowadays. While you have your fancy Street Fighter IV, oldsters like us were stuck playing stuff like Urban Champion when we were kids. To actually call this a "fighting" game is a disservice to the genre. It wasn't all that good when it came out, and it hasn't aged well at all.

Armed with a whopping four attacks, you head off to the mean streets, apparently fighting off your evil twin in a quest to knock him into an open manhole. After being showered with confetti by some random person in a window who was throwing flower pots at you mere seconds ago, it's time to repeat the whole process over again until you're at the point of wanting to scratch your eyeballs out with a rusty butter knife rather than hearing the tinny ear-bleeding inducing victory "music" one more time.

Urban Champion is fun for about two minutes until you realize that this game has very little, if anything, to offer. For nostalgia's sake, you may be tempted into downloading this. But take this reviewer's word for it -- playing Urban Champion now is only going to give you a headache and fully sully any pleasant memories you might have had of this game.

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