Originally put out for the Japanese Turbografx CD system, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood was never released on US shores until the PSP release of Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. Now, Wii owners can experience what many fans consider to be the best of the "traditional" CV games.

There are some nice semi-animated cutscenes that are accompanied by full voice work which set up the story, but, unfortunately, the German and Japanese used here is not subtitled. But, really, I'm sure we all know how a Castlevania game rolls -- you're a Belmont who is trying to kill Dracula -- and the game menus are in English, so you won't get too lost.

The language the characters speak isn't really going to matter once you get into the action. Rondo of Blood is old-school vampire-killing at its' finest. Though Richter Belmont doesn't have all of the fancy movies from later games, the control is still spot-on, and a nice difficulty curve make this one of the best-playing and most fun entries in the CV series.

Combined with some of the best 16-bit era graphics any system put out, and a phenomenal soundtrack that stacks up finely against any release past or present, Rondo of Blood is still a great game and well worth the relatively measly cost of 900 Wii points.

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