Billy and Jimmy Lee make their return in this NES adaptation of the arcade hit. Double Dragon II doesn't break the mold when it comes to beat-em-up games, but it addresses at least some of the issues with the previous NES version, most notably making sure the "double" in Double Dragon was kept in by including a two-player simultaneous mode.

Another major change made was to the core gameplay. Attacks are made by direction. This can be a bit tricky to get a hold of at first, but once learned, it makes the game much easier (and, more importantly, less cheap) than its' predecessor.

Even though you won't have any continues at your disposal, there's a lot fewer controller-throwing inducing moments because you always feel like you're fighting the in-game enemies, rather than the design, which was a bit sloppy in the first game.

Overall, though, the game hasn't aged as well as some of the premiere 16-bit entries in the beat-em-up genre like Final Fight 2, mostly due a very generic feel in the graphic and sound departments. Still, Double Dragon II is one of the best beat-em-ups of its' era and is still fun to play.

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