You might trust Mario to clean your pipes and rescue kidnapped princesses, but how about dispensing grossly oversized pills? Since the days of the NES, the answer voiced by gamers has been a resounding yes, as the series has remained one of Nintendo's most popular franchises.

Online Rx doesn't deviate too much from the game's tried and true formula. Basically, there are three color-coded types of viruses that Mario (or your Mii) must get rid of by matching up a row of four similarly colored pills. Like all good puzzle games, the concept is simple in theory, but gets quite challenging, yet remains fun and addicting as the player tries to get through just one more level.

As the name suggests, Online Rx adds in online multiplayer. While, like most online Wii games, there is no voice chat option and connecting via friend codes can be clunky, the multiplayer and worldwide rankings are nice additions. Offline, there is a new "virus buster" mode where up to four players use their remotes to point at the screen to move pills. It's a decent idea, but flawed in execution, and will quickly have most players going back to the more traditional single and head-to-head modes, both of which are done very well, making this a worthy purchase for fans of the series.

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