A cult classic that has had several sequels and remakes released over the years, including 2011's Elevator Action Deluxe and a homage in Lollipop Chainsaw, Elevator Action has stood the test of time. Unfortunately, like many of Taito's releases for the NES, this version feels rushed and sloppy.

Fortunately, Taito did get the core gameplay right. This is a simple game that blends shooting, platforming, and a bit of puzzle solving as you play as a secret agent trying to escape a series of skyscrapers with a cache of secret documents. But where the ball gets dropped is the sound effects and music. Gunshots that sound like static might be able to be forgiven, but the "music" -- basically a few screeching notes that play over and over and over -- will drive most people batty very quickly.

If you have fond memories of this game and want to give it another go, you're better off getting Elevator Action Deluxe or Taito Legends, both of which have good emulations of the original arcade machine. But if you just have a Wii and have five bucks burning a hole in your pocket, this version will do fine -- you just might have to put your TV on mute.

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