The first Fighter's History entry was a extremely generic fighting game, really only notable for how much it directly ripped off from Street Fighter II, to the point that Capcom actually sued FH's maker, Data East. Its' sequel is ironically titled Dynamite, since it's as explosive and exciting as one of those weak-ass growing black snake things you buy from 7-11 on the fourth of July. Many of the obvious Street Fighter II "homages" have been taken out, but hey, we get to play with a fat fire-breathing bald (and probably drunk) Russian named Karnov.

For those of you out there who aren't Gen-X aged video game geeks, Karnov, for some unfathomable reason, was Data East's attempt to make a mascot. He has his own platforming game, which wasn't great to begin with, and then was spun off into several other entries, probably most notably the ludicrous Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja, a game where the end reward for saving the world is getting a hamburger with Ronald Reagan. How much Robotussin with NyQuil chasers were these game designers chugging in the 80's? Anyway, Karnov was the last boss in the first game, and he's a playable character here. If that fact excites you, you're probably one of the half-dozen people out there this game is meant for.

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