Despite only appearing in a handful of games, the character of Pit has been one of Nintendo's most enduring over the last twenty-five years, creating a devoted legion of fans from all over the world. But after going back to play the kid's original 1987 appearance on the NES, the question becomes "why"? Kid Icarus isn't a bad game per se, but the overall decent gameplay is almost ruined by segments that range from infuriatingly irritating to frustratingly difficult.

Maybe that statement is taking away some of my old-school gamer cred, but Kid Icarus didn't blow me away back in the day, and replaying it now hasn't changed my opinion. There are some good ideas present here, but the execution is sub-par. When you thrown in lackluster graphics and sound, you have a release that's average at best. Sorry, fanboys. I have my fireproof suit at the ready in anticipation of your angry emails.

Even if you are a diehard fan of the series who is intent on buying this game anyway, you should take note that, in an odd move on Nintendo's part, the Virtual Console version has removed the cheat codes that were used from the password entry screen.

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