This is one of those reviews that is tough to write because it is really a no-brainer to buy this game. If you like playing video games at all and have a Wii and five bucks in your wallet, this should already be on your system. Even after almost thirty years since its' initial release, The Legend of Zelda remains one of the pinnacles of the action/adventure genre.

Those who started gaming after Zelda's debut might not recognize just how much of a ground-breaking release it was. But for us old fogeys out there who remember sliding in the golden cartridge into our systems for the first time, this game literally opened new worlds, melding action and role-playing elements into a package that has become the standard all subsequent games have been held up to. It let players explore at their own pace, giving them a sense of freedom and exploration that had not been seen up to that point in time.

Sure, there is undoubtedly some perring through rose-colored glasses going on here. The graphics and sound, while still charming in their own way, have become incredibly dated, and the game can be really frustrating in parts, with the player seemingly running in circles over and over. But despite its' shortcomings, in the end, the core gameplay stil holds up incredibly well.

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