Being that it was one of the most popular and influential computer games of the early 1980's, it was perhaps inevitable that Broderbund's Lode Runner would go on to be ported to several game consoles, including the NES. While the NES version doesn't really take full capability of the system's capabilities and looks and sounds dated now, it still retains the game's core gameplay elements and is definitely worth a download for fans of the action/puzzle genre.

The game has you playing as Runner, a thief trying to loot gold from a series of vaults. Not even being able to jump, your only weapon available to use against the guards who relentlessly pursue you is the ability to dig holes in the ground, which can be use to temporarily stop them or be used to evade them as a quick escape to a lower level.

If you do manage to get past the game's 150 levels, or are just feeling creative, the NES version of Lode Runner retains one of the PC version's most lauded features, a level editor, which allows you to create your own vaults and make them as easy or hard as you see fit. This is where Lode Runner shines, allowing for nearly unlimited content, and setting it apart from the usual 8-bit platforming action.

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