Originally the first release, both in the arcade and home, for the Neo Geo, NAM-1975 comes full circle in a sense, as it will probably end up being one of the last releases on the Wii Virtual Console -- but this is a good note to go out on for the service. Even after more than twenty years since it came out, NAM-1975 is still a unique take on the shooter game that fans of the genre will enjoy a lot, even though it features some of the most incredibly cheesy cutscenes you're ever going to come across.

As the name implies, NAM-1975 takes place during the last days of the Vietnam War, a setting that would be considered politically incorrect and controversial now, but fit right in with the early 1990's, where heroes like Rambo still dominated the silver screen. The story, which is told through cutscenes that shamelessly rip off images from films like Full Metal Jacket and voices straight out of a cheap Saturday morning cartoon, has you (along with a friend, if you so prefer) heading deep into Nam to take out a mad scientist.

The gameplay is similar to CABAL, in that it is a pseudo-3D third-person view where you can either move or aim your firing cursor, not both at the same time. While this seems obtuse and too challenging at first, once players get the hang of it, they're treated to some very fine shooting action.

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