After the introduction of the Virtual Console, wrestling fans were clamoring to have well-regarded entries like WCW/nWo Revenge added to the service. Unfortunately, due to various licensing issues, many of the grappling games aficionados of the squared circle grew up on will probably never be released, and, for whatever reason, even those games that didn't feature real rasslers like Hulk Hogan, such as the NES classic Pro Wrestling, haven't come out. So, with very little ado, we have the first pro wrestling game for the Virtual Console, the stunningly average Natsume Championship Wrestling.

The game doesn't exactly break itself when it comes to what it offers the potential player. There are only twelve wrestlers -- basically generic versions of stars such as Mr. Perfect and Macho Man -- to pick from, and many of them are simple palette swaps of each other in the looks department. And there are only a handful of modes, basically a singles or tag team tournament and a two player mode.

In its' defense, the wrestlers do have surprisingly deep move sets for a game from this time period, and the gameplay does refreshingly favor actual strategy rather than button mashing. It's just that there's not enough to do with the base components. Once you play through a couple of tournaments, you've seen all Natsume Championship Wrestling has to offer.

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