Released to capitalize on the success of Capcom's seminal beat-em-up Final Fight, Rival Turf is best remembered by old-school gamers for its' horrendous cover art, which looks like it was haphazardly slapped together -- just like the game itself.

Rival Turf does have one advantage over the SNES version of Final Fight: two-player simultaneous action, a fact that was trumpeted on the aforementioned cover, which undoubtedly duped many a teenager out of their valuable paper route money back in the 1990's. But once those naive tykes popped in the cartridge, they were greeted with some of the worst gameplay of the 16-bit generation.

Taking the guise of aerobics class reject Jack Flak or not-so-ambigously gay biker Oozie Nelson, players take a trek across the mean streets of LA and Mexico, where they'll battle all manner of generic bad guys. And by "battle", I mean you'll be desperately mashing buttons trying to actually land a hit on your opponents while they pick you apart at will.

From the graphics to the gameplay, Rival Turf can't even get the base elements of the genre right, leading to a game that alternates between being boring and frustrating. With much better beat-em-ups such as Final Fight and Streets of Rage available on the Virtual Console, there's really no reason at all to waste your Wii points on this big bucket of fail.

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