Though the Virtual Console on the Wii probably won't last too much longer after this winter's introduction of the WiiU, there continues to be a trickle of games coming out on the service, most of them hailing from the Neo Geo's library. Sengoku 2 fits right in with the Neo Geo's tradition of offering solid brawlers. It's fun enough, but at this point, one has to wonder how many of these sorts of beat em ups they really need, especially when the games are going for 900 Wii Points a pop.

Sengoku 2 tries to differentiate itself from other brawlers in a few ways. The first is the setting, which blends fantasy elements and time traveling that will have you fighting everything from demons on the river Styx to Japanese soldiers in World War II. The second, and biggest gimmick, is the ability to switch to three other characters at will. This adds a nice element of strategy to the game as picking the right character for each section is crucial to success.

Unfortunately, the rest of the game doesn't apply itself to any degree of greatness. There just isn't much depth present here. At its' core, this is just really just a button masher that gets repetitive after a while gussied up with a few nice tricks.

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