Previously only released in Japan, Capcom's 1984 arcade platform/shooter hybrid Sonson has recently hit the US Virtual Console. Loosely based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West, the game plants you in the hairy feet of the Monkey King, a character probably known most to many of you out there from Stephen Chow's work on the Chinese Odyssey films.

While the game overall doesn't have the manic nature of Chow's films or the better shooters from the early 80's, it's still a pretty fun romp, especially for those gamers out there weaned on the old-school that have an itchy trigger finger they need to scratch.

The gameplay, like many releases from the period, is dead simple. Basically, you're just going from left to right, shooting enemies and occasionally jumping in order to avoid an obstacle or grab a point bonus.

Even that might sound boring, Sonson (at least for the most part) does manage to strike a nice balance between excitement and repetition, resulting in a solid shooter that'll keep your fingers banging for quite a while, especially if you take advantage of the game's very welcome two-player mode.

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