A shooter with one of the more unconvetional control schemes of the 16-bit era set in a unique mash-up of the cowboy and steampunk worlds, Natsume's under-rated SNES gem Wild Guns has recently hit the Virtual Console, and it's fully worth throwing 800 Wii Points towards a download.

Taking the guise of tough-guy Clint or the sassy Annie, you (and a friend, if you so desire) grab your guns and head off on a six-level adventure. Only six levels, you might say? Don't worry -- each level is broken up into three different segments, and this isn't exactly an easy game to get through, especially since using a continue sends you all the way to the beginning of the current level.

Combined with the somewhat obtuse controls that are loosely based on the arcade cult classic Cabal, players will have to exhibit a bit of patience to gain some skill to progress further than the first level in the game. Thankfully, with the "save state" option on the Virtual Console, you can power down your system and still go back to where you left off.

Wild Guns isn't a game for everyone. Even some fans of shooters may be a bit off-put by how the game plays. But Wild Guns is exactly the sort of thing that should be put out on the Virtual Console more often. It's a solid game that many people probably missed out on when it was first released.

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