The original Rolling Thunder was a cult hit, and its' sequel is much the same. RT2 isn't a game for everyone, but for this particular reviewer, it represents some of the best pure action gaming on the Genesis.

Story-wise, this is absolute twaddle (made all the more apparent by the cheesy cutscenes), but Rolling Thunder 2 is an entry all about the gameplay, of which it has in spades.

It can be likened to a horizontally-scrolling version of the classic Elevator Action, whereas some parts call for you to go in with guns blazing, but others will have you employing some stealth via doorways you can hide in to avoid the baddies.

While that might sound extremely simplistic and boring, the gameplay is actually quite addicting, especially when you add in some additions from the first game, most notably the ability to have a second person playing along with you.

Rolling Thunder 2 is one of those games that hits you over the head at first, but still will have your trigger finger jumping to the start button for just one more try after you die.

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