The uber-popular Sims series got its' start on the PC with SimCity. The SNES version lacks a bit of the pizazz and polish of the original, but it's still a fine strategy game, and a great way to get initiated into the genre if you're a newbie.

The task of the game, building a sprawling metropolis and then keeping all of its' citizens happy, seems like a daunting task. But the SNES version of SimCity has a gentle difficulty curve that will have you getting the hang of the game in no time.

But even though it is relatively easy to learn, SimCity will take quite some time to master. Conversely, for the experienced player, there's a series of scenarios which place limits on how you can build your city. Players skilled enough can even unlock special Nintendo-specific additions for their city, such as giant Mario statues.

SimCity is one of the best examples of "substance over style" on the VC. It might not be much to look at, but I guarantee that if you're even a small fan of strategy games, you'll get hours and hours of play out of this.

And even if you're not, give SimCity a shot. You might just end up getting pleasantly addicted to one of the better additions to the Virtual Console to date.

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