Even though it doesn't have the cache of its' older brother Contra, Super C is still a damn fine run-and-gun game that will please fans of the genre.

Like the first game, the setup here is simple. Run to the right while blasting lots of enemies before taking on a boss. Super C does throw in a bit of variety with top-down view levels (replacing the pseudo-3D levels of the original), but for the most part, this is simplistic shooting action.

But it's done very well. While it might not be as intense as the original (perhaps due to complaints by some gamers that Contra was too hard), it's still a fairly tough hop.

However, Super C never totally overwhelms the player to the point where it seems unfair. The game's colorful graphics and varied environments inspire you to go for just one more try to see what the next area will hold.

Yes, getting good at Super C will involve practice and paitence, but those players willing to do so will be treated to one of the better shooting games of the 8-bit generation.

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