Super Mario Bros., even though it's undeniably a classic, is a tough game to actually review, specifically because of the fact that it is an undeniable classic.

I'm sure most of of you out there either love this game and have already downloaded it, or are of the mindset that everything with Mario sucks and the only way Nintendo would be getting 500 points from you for this would to hold your loved ones hostage and threaten them with Hot Pockets.

Yes, perhaps fans of this game look back on it with a bit of the rose-colored glasses, but even the grumps out there have to admit that Super Mario Bros. introduced many important gaming elements that had a huge impact, not just on platformers, but gaming as a whole.

From the colorful graphics, to the iconic music, to the inventive power-up system, and perhaps most importantly, to the notion of introducing "easter eggs" to the masses, there is absolutely no doubt Super Mario Bros. made a huge impact.

And, let's face it, even for how simplistic the game seems now, it's still fun as hell to play. Or maybe it's because it is so simple that gives Super Mario Bros. its' seemingly immortal appeal.

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