Metroid was a hit on the original Nintendo, and Metroid II proved to be a surprisingly robust romp on the Gameboy. But it was the third entry, Super Metroid, on the SNES that solidified the series as one of the gold standards for adventure games.

Once again, the player returns as bounty hunter Samus Aran to the planet Zebes to investigate some activity revolving around space pirates hoping to harness the power of the Metroid. After crash-landing and having your armaments reduced to next to nothing, you must guide Samus as she explores Zebes and unravels the mystery of the Metroid.

A big part of why Super Metroid is so successful is that it allows that story to unfold so organically. Beisdes the beginning and end, there's no huge cutscenes or hours of voice acting; it's the just the player discovering on their own.

And what wonders they will discover. Samus has an awesome amount of gadgets at her disposal, and you'll need them all to take on the game's legendary bosses. The battles here are the stuff of gaming nirvana.

Combined with graphics that represent some of the best 2D output ever created and an extraordinary soundtrack, Super Metroid still represents the best that the adventure genre has to offer, and makes a more-than-worthy download for any fan.

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