A conversion of a popular arcade game, Tecmo Bowl still holds up well today, despite the VC version losing the thing which made the NES entry superior to the original version -- the inclusion of the NFLPA license so that real players' names could be used.

Sure, it doesn't quite feel the same busting off a huge run and then having the carry credited to some schmook named simply "#34" instead of Bo Jackson. But the fact remains that Tecmo Bowl is still a very fun game to play.

Most of that fun comes from its' simplicity. This is not really a game to be played by great football minds. With only a handful of plays at your disposal, it becomes more of a twitch-fest, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in this reviewer's opinion.

Yeah, you're going to miss out on the realistically modeled nutsack sweat or the latest Green Day single blaring during menus or whatever else lame features the latest regurgitation of Madden is spewing out now, but there is such a viscerally enjoyable feel to the game, especially when you're playing against a friend, that Tecmo Bowl still remains near the top of the all-time best sports games.

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