The problem with video game simulations of gambling is that most of them don't actually capture the feeling of actually being in a casino. Sure, it's all well and good to win against a computer, but when there's really nothing risked, it comes off as a bit hollow.

Vegas Stakes tries to change that by injecting quasi-RPG elements into the game. The companion you choose to bring to the casino floor, as well as who you choose to help, adds a bit of drama which most entries of the genre are lacking.

The game's goal is to move on to the big casinos and become a high roller. You'll most likely have to start out on the slot machines, but smart play will eventually have you betting the house in high-stakes poker games.

While Vegas Stakes does offer a nice variety of gambling options which are augmented by the RPG-lite gimmick, it unfortunately doesn't offer much of a challenge.

Even gambling newbies will soon find exploits which allow you to rack up cash very quickly to beat the game, and since there aren't any decent multiplayer modes, Vegas Stakes ends up having the shelf life of Nicolas Cage's liver in Leaving Las Vegas.

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