For its' time, Victory Run certainly had a host of noteworthy features. Probably the most notable was the rally-style race. Instead of seperate tracks, the player here competes in one continuous run that brings them all over Europe.

Secondly, you can also customise your car. Though it's not deep at all, you can buy extra parts during pit stops that might aid you. For instance, if you take hard turns, you might want to invest more in tires, lest your car break down.

Also, the graphics were quite nice. Of course, the stuff here is nowhere close to something like Gran Turismo, but each stage has its' own distinct look, complete with transformations from day to night.

Unfortunately, even with all of these innovations, Victory Run is still a pretty poor entry in the racing genre. The gameplay is very sluggish, and you never feel in true control of the car. Things aren't helped by the clunky gear-shifting system.

If you're in the mood for some old-school racing action, Victory Run might satisfy you for a little while. But most players would be better served spending their cash on one of the N64 racing games, or waiting for the inevitable release of Outrun.

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