As far as oldschool gaming goes, racing entries usually don't age too well. Sure, Rad Racer might have been cool back in the day, but can it hold a candle to something like Gran Turismo?

One of the major exceptions to this rule is Wave Race 64. One of the earliest releases for the N64, this is still not only one of the best games for the system, but one of the best racers ever created.

Why, you may ask? For starters, the game is still great to look at. Sure, the riders might look a bit blocky and the backgrounds are pretty sparse, but the animation is second to none. The water effects contained here are still mesmerizing.

More importantly, Wave Race 64 plays smooth as the proverbial baby's ass. The control scheme is simple enough, but there's actually (pardon the pun) a lot of depth below the surface. The trick system not only adds a huge amount of fun to what might be otherwise a pedestrian game.

If there is fault to be found with Wave Race 64, it's that the game is simply too short. Most players should be able to get through the circuit mode fairly quickly. But with a robust multiplayer mode, Wave Race 64 is guaranteed to remain one of your top VC games for quite a while.

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