One of the earliest fighting games available on the Neo Geo, World Heroes was labeled as a Street Fighter II clone upon its' release.

It certainly has similarities with Capcom's classic brawler. The game's main characters, Hanzo and Fuma, are total ripoffs of Ryu and Ken, even down to using the same button operations to do their special moves. There's also a guy who can stretch his limbs ala Dhalsim, and a Hogan-esque pro wrestler whose moveset owes a debt of gratitude to Zangief.

But there is one big change in World Heroes that makes it notable: the "death match". While not a Mortal Kombat-style gorefest, this option allows you to play in stages with all sorts of lovely traps, ranging from electrified ring ropes to spiked walls. If you're too much of a momma's boy, you can always opt to play your matches in the normal style.

The death matches add some needed spice into what is, for all other intents and purpose, a serviceable but not outstanding one-on-one fighter. With a number of superior games in the same genre available on the VC, such as King of Fighters '94, the 900 points should only really be spent if you're a die-hard fighting game fan.

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