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Thursday, July 2

Updated review: Kung Fu Jungle

After a theatrical run in America, Well Go USA is bringing out Kung Fu Jungle (under the title Kung Fu Killer) to DVD and Blu-ray of July 21. We've updated our review of the movie (which we dug a lot) to include info on the upcoming Blu-ray, including screen shots and an exclusive video clip.

Full review here

Wednesday, July 1

Upcoming release: Z Storm

Louis Koo, Gordon Lam, and Michael Wong star in Z Storm, a rip-roaring crime/action thriller headed to DVD, Blu-ray, and video on demand on August 18 from Well Go USA. Well Go's version is uncut in the original language, and bonus features on the disc-based versions include interviews and behind the scenes featurettes.

The movie is available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray from Amazon.

Tuesday, June 30

Movie review: The Shaolin Avengers

Another entry in Chang Cheh's "Shaolin Cycle", 1976's The Shaolin Avengers riffs on similar characters and plot devices from one of his previous films, Men from the Monastery, a tale about the famous Chinese folk hero Fong Sai-Yuk, played here by one of Chang's favorite actors, Alexander Fu Sheng.

Full review here

Upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release: Police Story: Lockdown

Well Go USA is bringing out Jackie Chan's Police Story: Lockdown (originally released in China as Police Story 2013) to North American DVD and Blu-ray on August 11. Besides the title change, Well Go's version is uncut, running at 107 minutes and in the original Mandarin language. Bonus features include interviews with the director and stars, a behind the scenes featurette, and trailers.

Police Story: Lockdown is available for pre-order on Blu-ray and DVD from Amazon, who already have the film available to rent or buy on their video on demand service.

Movie review: For the Emperor

This South Korean gangster film, recently released on North American home video by Well Go USA, uses most of the well-worn tropes of the genre, being (not-so spoiler alert) a tale of a young gangster who rises to power but loses everything he holds dear in the process. Most viewers who enjoy these kinds of films have seen this sort of thing played out dozens of times before over the years. Perhaps knowing this, director Park Sang-Jun livens things up with a very liberal dose of the good old fashioned ultraviolence.

Full review here

Tuesday, June 16

Movie review: Red Nights

2009's Red Nights is a hybrid -- both by way of a multicountry production via France and Hong Kong, and execution, being a mix of a thriller, gory horror, and kinky erotica. It's not a totally successful cinematic blend, but fans of the heyday of Category III exploitation will probably enjoy themselves here.

Full review here

Movie review: Cross

During the Golden Age of Hong Kong movies, Simon Yam was one of the undisputed kings of Category III (Hong Kong's version of the NC-17 rating) cinema, playing the lead in a series of "video nasties", including an indelible and classic turn as a demented lunatic in the wonderfully sleazy Dr. Lamb. So the prospect of seeing Yam as a serial killer is certainly an enticing one, especially for fans of the seedier side of Hong Kong films. Sadly, the idea here is much better than the actual execution, which is more than a bit of a incoherent mess.

Full review here

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