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Wednesday, December 17

Movie review: House of Traps

Notable as the last movie Chang Cheh made with the full "Venom Clan", House of Traps will hold some interest for die-hard oldschool kung fu fans. On the other hand, more casual viewers may have a hard time sitting through this film's numerous exposition scenes and may find themselves reaching for the fast-forward button.

Full review here

Saturday, December 13

Movie review: Mr. X

Coming from the appropriately named Patchwork Productions, we're treated to yet another cut-and-paste effort from the infamous Godfrey Ho in the fabulously schizophrenic release Mr. X. Even by Ho's lazy standards of film-making, this is a new low: his inclusions into the original footage are shot on video.

Full review here

Wednesday, December 10

Site News: 1600 Movie Reviews

Well, well, lookee here, we've managed to keep this site going for another year, and, with our latest update, have hit the mark of 1600 movies. While that may not be much compared to some of the media congolmerate montoliths out there, it's pretty damn impressive for a site slopped together by one dude who barely graduated with a film studies degree. So, to our regular readers -- all three of you -- and new ones, cheers and thank you for your support.

Movie review: Three Summers

Three Summers has a solid arthouse pedigree behind it and its intentions seem to be fine and well, backed by good performances from the stars, including Cherie Chan, who nabbed a Hong Kong Film Award nomination for her work here. But, ultimately, the film meanders too much for its own good, losing focus on the central characters, and thus interest from the audience as a result, becoming like the directionless boat Tony Leung Ka-Fai is often shown in during one of the many scenes in this movie that lingers for just a bit too long.

Full review here

Movie review: Master Q: Incredible Pet Detective

Even after almost seventeen years and 1600 movie reviews, there are some things that your friendly neighborhood reviewer just doesn't "get" when it comes to Hong Kong movies. Usually due to cultural or language differences, there are a number of releases that simply don't translate well to Western audiences. The character of Master Q would appear to be something that would side step this issue, but -- at least from the results showcased here -- unless you have an extremely high tolerance for loud humor, this is a film to stay away from.

Full review here

Tuesday, December 2

Movie review: Touch of the Light

Normally, a touching drama about a blind pianist finding friendship with a ballerina might not be this battered reviewer's cup of tea, or glass of beer, as the case may be. But Touch of the Light is a finely crafted film that treats its audience as intelligent beings.

Full review here

Monday, November 24

Movie review: Eastern Bandits

After a bit of a break, we're back with a review of Eastern Bandits. Before you begrudge the fact that this is yet another Mainland "historical epic" production, thankfully, this is one that puts most of the heavy handed political themes aside and delivers some decent action scenes.

Full review here

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