DVD cover

Laser Mission


Director: Beau Davis

Stars: Brandon Lee, Debi Monahan, Ernest Borgnine

Oh, boy. This movie is bad. We're talking the Plan 9 from Outer Space of action movies here, people. Where to start? The lame plot, which has Brandon Lee rescuing Russian scientist Ernest Borgnine from some cheesy fictious country? The lousy script, which has poor Ernest running around saying stuff like "my little babushka?" The horrible action, which isn't even as good as your average Power Rangers episode? I don't know.

However, any movie that has Brandon Lee pretending to be Cuban by putting on a fake mustache and bronzer is just plain cheesy in my book. But Laser Mission is so bad that it turns into an unintentional comedy -- this is definitely "Mystery Science Theatre" material here and will be a whole lot more fun if you treat it as such, not as a serious action movie.


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