This part of the site was inspired by the "Actor Index" over at View from the Brooklyn Bridge. It's meant more for those new to Hong Kong cinema to get a "thumbnail sketch" of some of the more popular (or not-so-popular) actors and directors. Please note that there are some actors that I have already written up fairly lengthy biographies for, and I'm not going repeat that same information here.

Pictures and some information in this section are courtesy of The Hong Kong Movie Database, Love HK Film and View from the Brooklyn Bridge

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Aaron Kwok to Brigitte Lin

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Carina Lau to Conan Lee

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Corey Yuen to Eric Tsang

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Fan Siu-Ming to Hung Ye

Page 5

Jacky Cheung to Ken Lo

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Kenneth Tsang to Lily Chung

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Lam Wai to Michael Chan

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Michael Hui to Paul Fonoroff

Page 9

Pauline Chan to Sally Yeh

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Sammi Cheng to Suki Kwan

More to come...

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