Gen-Y Cops: Robo Mission

special edition VCD cover   game cover

This action movie has had a game made of it. Here's the info courtesy of the game's official site:

"The most lethal weapon in the American law enforcement arsenal, the attack robot RS1, is brought to Hong Kong to take part in an international exhibition of police technology. The Gen-Y Cops team, Match, Alien and Edison, are ordered to cooperate with an FBI unit in keeping the robot safe.

The action kicks off at the Hong Kong Convention Centre Command. Command your Gen Y Cops team as they hunt for the robots stolen by the hackers. Don't get wiped out by assault-robots or the automatic defense system. Find and use the special robo-stun gun to re-capture Jerry and RS1.

No one is invincible. Remember the strengths and weaknesses of your character and weapons. Only flexible tactics can bring you success. Don't forget to re-capture the D1010 robot, which is the pride and joy of the Hong Kong police technology unit. Hand gun, UZI sub-machine gun and robot-stun gun are all at your disposal. Kung-fu fighting for close quarter combat. If you have the courage, you can choose to use your bare hands and feet to fight the enemy."

The game (which is in Chinese) is available at YesAsia, either seperately or with the "special edition" VCD.

(If anyone has played this game and can give me further information, or has some screenshots, please e-mail me.)

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