One of the bona-fide classics in the Nintendo library, Donkey Kong has found itself in the spotlight again thanks to the excellent documentary King of Kong, which details two DK players as they try to set a new score record.

The film takes pains to display just how difficult this game is. And, make no mistake about it, this makes most modern games look like tiddly winks. Sure, most players will be able to get past the first level -- but how far have you ever gotten past that?

Now, with the ease of downloading via the VC, gamers will once again be able to test their mettle against one of the benchmarks. The colorful graphics and light sound effects hide what is really one of the toughest nuts to crack in gaming ever.

But is it actually still fun? It is -- up to a point. Even the most masochistic gamer out there will probably eventually hit a wall with this, and it's at that point where it goes on the back burner.

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