Gunstar Heroes is a brilliant game and should be downloaded by any action fan immediately.

Oh, you need more explanation than that? Fine. Let's start with the graphics, which are still pretty amazing even to this day. A lot of people thought the Genesis was underpowered compared to the SNES, but talented programmers could always make the plucky machine show its' stuff.

Not only are the graphics impressive in terms of size and punch (most of the bosses take up the entire screen) but they're some of the most inventive and imaginative ever produced.

The anime-esque stylings might make you think Gunstar Heroes is a kiddie game, but it is anything but. This is hardcore run-and-gun action at its' finest. It rarely lets up, but at the same time, it never feels like an impossible challenge.

Gunstar Heroes also sports one of the more unique power-up systems in the genre. Though you only have four weapons at your disposal, you can mix-and-match them to your content.

It's just another element that makes Gunstar Heroes one of the best pure action games ever created and a near-mandatory addition to anyone's VC library.

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