King of Fighters '94 is the first entry in what would be to be a very popular series for SNK. Taking characters from various games such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, and even non-fighting ones like Ikari Warriors, it has proved itself to be one of the true stalwarts in gaming.

The game was also innovative for its' team system. You can play just standard one-on-one matches, but the "real" way to go about this is to use teams of three combatants. Unfortunately, unlike later games, you can't choose your own team, tag in other characters, or unleash any kind of team-based special attacks.

Despite these shortcomings, King of Fighters '94 is still an incredibly fun game to play if you're into 2D fighters. The graphics and sound are top-notch, and nearly every character plays well. Even though the last boss is extremely cheap, this is definitely the best fighting game released on the VC so far that doesn't have Street Fighter in its' name.

But come on Nintendo, let's get off your ass and go back and tweak these early Neo Geo games to give players more than three continues, mmkay? If people are paying $9 to download games that are more than a dozen years old, that'd be the least you could do.

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