On the surface, ActRaiser might look to be yet another Castlevania clone, but it's actually one of the most unique games ever created.

Divided into two sections, the first part of the game will have you playing in classic side-scrolling platform levels that'll definitely have you thinking of Simon Belmont. But after completing these, ActRaiser turns into something totally different -- which, in this case, is a very good thing.

Mixing elements of SimCity and a top-down shooter, you must control an angel to command a populace to build in the correct direction in order to destroy monster hives in the area, all the while protecting them by shooting down any baddies that might fly into the town.

All this is quite frantic and a bit confusing at first, but once you get a hang of things, the gameplay turns quite addictive, especially any progress you make in the "god" mode will help you out in the platforming bits, and vice versa.

Combined with some solid graphics and an outstanding soundtrack created by noted composer Yuzo Kashiro, ActRaiser still remains one of the best releases in the SNES library and is well worth your 800 points to download it.

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