Bases Loaded made quite a splash upon its' release back in 1988. While the graphics aren't much to look at now, for the time, they were pretty revolutionary, and this soon became a "killer app" for the NES.

The setup is pretty simple: pick a team and then try to get the pennant after completing a season. Since Bases Loaded doesn't have any official baseball licenses, all of the teams and players are fictional. But there's enough variety in the mix that each of the teams have their own personalities, unlike most sports games of the time, which simply featured pretty much the same players on every team, just in different colors.

Bases Loaded's meat and potatoes is the pitcher and batter matchup, which is done well. Both sides of the ball have a number of moves at their disposal -- you can even do tricks like initating a bench-clearing brawl by beaning a batter in the face. Unfortunately, the fielding isn't handled as well. Your players act like they had a few too many beers the night before and move very sluggishly.

Overall, though, Bases Loaded is one of the better 8-bit entries in the sports genre, and worth taking a look at if you're interested in a simple pick up and play baseball game.

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