In this reviewer's opinion, Revenge of Shinobi was the best Genesis game ever made, and a milestone in the platforming genre. Its' sequel, Shinobi III, is a fine game in its own right, and well worth a download. As with the previous game, you'll be playing as Joe Musashi, a ninja trying to take down the Neo Zeed terrorist organization. Armed with a supply of shurikens and ninja magic, Joe travels over twenty-four levels scattered all across the world.

Shinobi III tweaks things a little from Revenge of Shinobi by giving Joe the ability to wall-jump and grapple across ceilings, as well as throwing in a few shump-style levels where Joe is riding a hoverboard or his trusty horse. Graphically, Shinobi III still holds up well, with some very impressive screen-filling bosses. Unfortunately, the soundtrack took a hit, as Yuzo Koshiro decided not to work on this edition, but it's still damn fine for a Genesis game.

Overall, though, Shinobi III is missing that certain special something that made its' predecessor a classic. But if you're a fan of platforming games and/or ninjas, there are far worse ways than this to spend your Wii points out there.

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